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Ewout Rijk de Vries was born in The Netherlands and became a proud American citizen in 2000 after living and working in several different countries. “I traveled all over the world and believe me: with all its shortcomings the United States of America is still the best country in the world, “he comments. His photos have been published since his first year in university and he continued shooting those special scenes and moments in almost every corner of the world.
  Over all those years Ewout has never stopped loving what he does best: photographing our world and its people for newspapers and magazines, as well as organizing travel. There is the little kid in Bhutan, there is Mount Everest and the lady smoking a pipe in the San Blas Islands. There are his favorite penguins in Anctartica and those special wedding ceremonies in China, Kenya, on the Pacific Coast in California, Marco Island and so many other places.

Ewout and his wife Jill have been married for over 30 years and they have two great sons and two great “new” daughters, intriguing them with their adventures stretching from Columbia and Guinea to the island of Madagascar.

Photodevries offers you the best memory of your special events, as well as commercial photography. America Travel Arrangements, Inc managed by Jill has been organizing luxury travel for over 25 years with the assistance of employees, who have been with them for a minimum of 15 years.


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